Clients And Projects

  • T Systems is a global IT company head quartered in Germany. It operates in over 20 countries and employs 50 000 people. Headliners is responsible for T Systems South Africa’s media strategy, planning and buying, along with media sales. Headliners also conceived and executed the brand sponsorship relationship between T Systems and Olympic Champion and World record holder Wayde van Niekerk.
  • The National Youth Development Agency asked Headliners to develop a promotional programme aimed at educating young South Africans as to the agency’s mandate and activities. Headliners developed and managed a 27 day national tour featuring major local entertainment celebrities speaking to rural and peri-urban youth about their experiences in the world of business – with direct reference to the resources offered by the NYDA.
  • R Kelly is one of biggest names in global show business. Headliners brought this super star to South Africa for a two city tour and managed every aspect of the process, from media liaison to contract negotiations, logistics, media planning and buying.
  • Aurum Innova is a proudly African public-benefit organisation with over 19 years’ experience in leading response, treatment and research efforts to eradicate TB and HIV. Headliners has provided branding for all Aurum Innova company trucks involved in various initiatives and campaigns across South Africa.

The Market Opportunity

Headliners brought Wayde van Niekerk and IT brand T Systems South Africa together in a brand ambassador relationship, before the South African star conquered global athletics.
The relationship was established on the basis of shared values and a shared vision for a future which incorporates social activism as much as shattering success on the global athletics stage.
This typifies the Headliners approach to how brands should seek to operate in the world of sports and pop culture. The relationship is the foundation from which benefits grow.



“My relationship with T Systems has been positive from the world go. They share my values, and are helping me achieve my vision, which extends well beyond the track. I’m very grateful to Headliners for bringing us together.”

Wayde van Niekerk

“We love our relationship with Wayde. He typifies everything T Systems is about. His excellence, his social positivity and has general presence on the global stage are very positive for our brand.”

T Systems South Africa